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Navigate 3 – Course Creation within LMS

While the content loads, note the steps completed to fully load the package and make it viewable. What were those steps? Is it important to follow these steps? Write a description of the experience in your blog.

I imported the content load into my Desire2Learn course.  The following actions were completed while the importing the zip-file:

  1. Select Edit Course button
  2. Select Import/Export or Copy Components
  3. Select Import Components
  4. Select the From a Course Package box
  5. Upload File (uploaded the content zip-file)
  6. Select Import all Components
  7. The files began to import into Desire2Learn (1-2 minutes process)
  8. There was an error uploading because it was not the proper file format (Blackboard file, Canvas file, etc.)

Navigate 3 – LMS Reporting

Desire2Learn Reporting

What are the options for grade reporting? 

Students can track the following reports:

  • Online Assignment Progress Completions
  • Assessments Grades
  • Assignment Grades (if activated by teacher)

Teacher Reports:

  • Grade Book Scores by Assignment
  • Assignment Completion by Students
  • Assessment Reports
  • Login Reports

Are there various levels?

There are various levels in grade reporting when it comes to the ability to print, publish and email reports.  You can also assess and grade each question at a time.

Which levels remain most valuable for the online instructor in regard to student performance?

The ability to assess and grade each question at a time would probably be more valuable to an online instructor because of the analytic  information taken from the data.  Instructors may offer intervention for struggling students who may be having difficulties with a concept being taught in a unit. As a result, they may have to adjust their course offerings or course content based on analytic data  findings. Most of all, it could save time, money and planning.

Navigate 3- LMS Tool Categories

Explore: Identify the major tool categories in Learning Management Systems.

Answer: What are the most relevant features offered within an LMS?

The Desire2Learn LMS has the following features available for staff and students.

  • Projects
  • Discussions
  • Surveys
  • Dropbox
  • Notifications
  • Grade Book
  • Assessment
  • Assignments
  • News
  • Calendar
  • Add art and video galleries to showcase students work
  • Draft or Publish capabilities

Which features directly relate to effective online instruction?

All tools are valuable and directly has an effect on effective online instruction.  It takes all this and more to run a successful classroom whether you are virtual online or sitting in front of a teachers.

How might you use these features in the online classroom environment?

The following tools I will routinely would be:

  • Assignments (Content) – post activities and projects
  • Dropbox – allow students to virtually turn in complete assignments and projects
  • Calendar – post important dates (due dates, classroom events, test dates, etc.)
  • Discussions Boards – Communicate with students about assignments, projects, etc.
  • Assessments – post online assessments

Navigate 2 – LMS Trends

Which trend did you select? How do you foresee this trend impacting online learning? Will this trend be a learning fad or will it become an essential part of online learning in the future?

Select the trend that will make the most impact on digital learning over the next five years and discuss in your respective blog.

After working in a public school setting for 19 years, I have seen gaming in education gaining popularity.  I believe we will see a trend of gaming in education over the next 5 years.  I agree that earning badges to complete my course work assignment is a motivator.  However, what’s more exciting and motivating is to compete with other classmates to gain the same kind of recognition.  Adding the effects of gaming in a non gaming environment draws directly on student engagement.  For example, my students enjoy competing against each other with a review game called Quizlet Live.  Students are more likely to participate in an online educational gaming environment more frequently, as opposed to the traditional online course that just offers grades when the course materials are completed.  In addition, it provides for a collaborative learning environment, those students who would normally shy away, now have a voice in the classroom that can be heard by all participants.  Gaming in education, is the new trend in LMS.

Navigate 2 – Tools for Deciding on an LMS

Which LMS is best? How does the selected LMS meet the needs of all stakeholders, including administrators, students, teachers and faculty, instructional technology, development, support, and parents? How does the selected LMS align with the initiatives, growth, and technological needs of your organization?

I currently use Desire2Learn (D2L) because the course setup was very easy and user friendly.  Logging into the system is fairly easy for all users.  Administrators can quickly assign course pages to teachers based on their class rosters in the student information system.  The student information system also enroll students in the correct course pages. Teachers can easily create content and deploy it to all the students in the class or select individual students.  Parents can sign up for automatic notification the receive messages when new assignments are posted and login history of the time spent in the system.  D2L is aligned with my school’s system initiatives as we transform teaching and learning to incorporate blending learning and classroom management through the use of technology.  This is accomplished by delivering technology resources including our LMS through the following portal:  Employee Portal, Student Portal, and Parent Portal.

D2L has the following features:

  • Cloud based- engaging and interactive
  • Assignment (Content)
  • Discussions
  • Online Assessments
  • Dropbox
  • Surveys
  • Lockers
  • Spam Free

Navigate 2: Roles: Learning Management System and Student Information System

The Roles and Functions in Online Learning Environments

Navigate 1 – Screen Capture

Screen casts provide an audio and visual presentation of the lesson you are trying to deliver to your students.  It especially meeting the needs of your audio and visual learners.  What so cool about screen casts, the student get to hear and depending on the software the teacher is using to create the screen cast, students can see their teacher.  So, students has virtual access to their teacher anytime just with a click of the computer mouse.  Students and pause and rewind the lesson as needed.  Screen cast can be used in many ways.  They can be delivered to students as a preview of an up coming lesson, review, or remediation.